Quick Answer: What is blackjack paint used for?

What does Black Jack paint do?

Black Bitumen Paint provides an effective waterproof, weatherproof, corrosion resistant protective coating. It is resistant to low concentrations of alkalis and acids and can withstand prolonged oxidation.

How long does bitumen paint last?

Bitumen paint is a durable material that can last a relatively long time. When applied to a felt roof bitumen will usually last 2 to 3 years before it begins to dry out. However, if applied to a more porous surface like masonry it will last longer.

Does blackjack paint dry hard?

Yes it will fully dry, needs at least 48 hours to throughly dry & it does smell, used it to water proof a internal wall before rendering.

What is Black Jack bitumen?

Blackjack Bitumen Paint is an industrial bitumen (hard bitumen) based paint dissolved in hydrocar- bon solvent. Bitumen paint is used to protect metal surfaces from oxidization from water, sunlight, and weather exposure. Uses. ▪ All metal surfaces for corrosion protection.

Does bitumen paint crack?

Bitumen used as paint isn’t prone to peeling off, and it sticks the surface of the substrate together. It lasts extremely well out of the sun, and well in the sun when on a firm porous surface such as masonry. When it has no hard immovable substrate under it it tends to crack & split over time.

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Does bitumen paint stop leaks?

Will bitumen paint cure a leaking concrete roof? Bitumen paint is an economical solution for this problem, if there are serious cracks in joints etc, repair with roofing compound, then paint over with Carboblack.

Can bitumen paint be used in the rain?

It is always best to apply Bitumen Paint to a clean and dry surface. However, it can be possible to paint it onto a wet roof if conditions do not allow for the alternative. It will take longer to dry when painted onto a wet roof.

Is bitumen paint waterproof?

Bitumen Paint is an economical anti-corrosive, and protective solution on a wide range of common building materials especially iron, steel, timber and concrete, fibre reinforced cement panels & masonry. It produces a flexible quick drying coating which is waterproof, weatherproof and corrosion resistant.

Can you get white bitumen paint?

Polar White Waterproof Bitumen Paint Roof Sealant Repair Coating 5KG for All Roof Types, Water Based Highly Elastic Acrylic Coating.

How long does blackjack paint last?

24 months from date of manufacture in tightly sealed, undamaged containers.

How long does it take for blackjack to dry?

Under ideal conditions, typically we recommend waiting 4-12 hours, and until the first coat is fully dry and cured all the way through the film.

How long does blackjack paint take to dry?

Allow each coat to dry before recoating: 12-24 hours depending on conditions. Full cure varies from 3-7 days depending on conditions. Full cure before burying is crucial.