You asked: How do you claim lottery winnings in Ontario?

Where do I claim my lottery winnings in Ontario?

To claim lottery prizes from $1,000 to under $10,000, you can take advantage of OLG’s mail-in claim process. has details about the mail-in option. If you buy lottery tickets on, lottery winnings under $1,000 will be automatically credited to your account, and you will be notified.

How do I claim lottery winnings by mail in Ontario?

For Prize Claims Of $1,000 To Under $10,000

  1. Your Original, Signed Ticket. Fill in the required information on the front and back of the ticket (print clearly). …
  2. Your Customer Receipt. …
  3. One Piece of Identification. …
  4. A Completed Lottery Prize Declaration Form. …
  5. A Completed Lottery Prize Claim Group List.

How do you claim lottery winnings in Canada?

Prize claims

You can claim prizes up to and including $1,000 at Lotto Spot retailers offering the service. Check with the retailer to ensure they have sufficient cash to pay the prize. If you’ve won a prize worth over $1,000, you can claim it at a Prize Payout office or mail your tickets in for claim.

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How long does it take for a lottery winner to get their money?

If you elected the cash option or if your prize is only offered in a single payment, your check should arrive approximately six to eight weeks from your claim date. If your prize is to be paid in installments, your first payment should be available within six to eight weeks from your claim date.

Can you stay anonymous after winning the lottery in Canada?

Can a winner remain anonymous? We consider requests for anonymity on a case by case basis, but the exceptions are rare. BCLC’s role is to ensure that above all else, the integrity of the lottery system is upheld.

Is it illegal to mail lottery tickets?

Federal law is pretty clear that buying or selling lottery tickets by mail is illegal and punishable by fines or jail time. 18 U.S. Code § 1302 states: “Whoever knowingly deposits in the mail, or sends or delivers by mail… … shall be fined… or imprisoned not more than two years.”

How long do you have to claim a lottery prize in Ontario?

All prizes must be claimed prior to the expiry date as indicated on the ticket. Expiry dates for Scratch & Win tickets are printed on the reverse of the ticket and other lottery games expiry dates are one year commencing the draw date as indicated on the ticket.

How long does it take to get money from OLG?

Following a Player’s request to withdraw Unutilized Funds from their Player Account and the satisfaction of all other terms and conditions for a withdrawal (including providing any required information or documentation to OLG), in most circumstances OLG will be able to process the withdrawal within three Business Days.

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How much tax do you pay if you win the lottery in Canada?

As a winner, you will never need to pay to get your winnings. Please note that all prizes are paid in Canadian currency. International residents don’t need to pay income tax to Canadian authorities on their lottery winnings. In general, lottery winnings aren’t considered taxable for Canadian income tax purposes.

Can you wear a mask to claim lottery Canada?

Customers are required to wear face masks at the Prize Centre. Wherever possible, maintaining six feet (two metres) of distance from other individuals is encouraged.