Who won the WV lottery?

Who won the lottery and died?

Authorities believe Greg Jarvis drowned during a boating accident. Police in Caseville, Michigan, say his body was found on a Saginaw Bay beach last week. The 57-year-old Jarvis was at the Blue Water Inn in Caseville on Sept. 13 when he won $45,000 playing Club Keno.

Has anyone been murdered after winning lottery?

A woman who won $2 million in the California Lottery last year has been murdered, along with her 1-year-old daughter, according to multiple reports. … The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the suspected murder of Tiffani Hill, 31, and her daughter, Leanne.

Where was the last Powerball winning ticket sold?

Winning Powerball ticket sold in California : NPR. Winning Powerball ticket sold in California After 40 drawings without a winner, a single ticket sold at a California grocery store matched all six numbers.

Is it a sin to win the lottery?

The short answer is: yes; Christians have the freedom to play the lottery and gamble. However, just because Scripture doesn’t explicitly call something a sin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prayerfully consider it ask seek the Lord’s opinion of it for your own life.

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