What tribe is Black Oak Casino?

What is TGA casino?

TGA Casino & Hotel Management is a group of highly experienced gaming and hospitality professionals with over 20 years of gaming and hospitality experience amongst them and since its conception, back in 1989, has been invloved in numerous casino and hotel operations in various parts of the globe.

Is Black Oak Casino Indian reservation?

The Tribe joined the approximately 60 other California gaming tribes with the opening of Black Oak Casino on May 15, 2001. The resort has enabled the Tribe to broaden the range of services offered not only to the Native community, but the broader community at large. …

Is Black Oak good for furniture?

The wood makes excellent lumber that is well suited for furniture, cabinets, and flooring. Developing special grading rules or adjusting the standard rules may prove to be rewarding.

What is a tribal gaming agent?

The Tribal Gaming Agent (TGA) is responsible for the on-site regulation of Gaming LLC gaming operations as authorized by the Colville Tribal Code, Chapter 6-5 (Gaming) to assure that codes, laws …

Is Black Oak good firewood?

California Black Oak is a hardwood that makes excellent firewood that burns hot and produces a long lasting bed of coals. As with most oaks the downside is they can produce a lot of ash but this one produces less than many others and is considered by many to be superior to white oak for firewood.

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Where do black oak trees grow?

Black oak is widely distributed from southwestern Maine west in New York to extreme southern Ontario, southeastern Minnesota, and Iowa; south in eastern Nebraska, eastern Kansas, central Oklahoma, and eastern Texas; and east to northwestern Florida and Georgia (18,19). -The native range of black oaks.