What is the current dividend for Procter & Gamble stock?

Did Procter & Gamble pay dividends in 2020?

After the bell Tuesday, Procter & Gamble (ticker: PG) announced it was boosting the quarterly dividend by 10% to $0.8698 a share, up from $0.7907, payable on May 17 to shareholders on record as of April 23. The company also raised its dividend in the second quarter of 2020.

How much dividend does Procter and Gamble pay per share?

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Board of Directors of The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) declared a quarterly dividend of $0.8698 per share on the Common Stock and on the Series A and Series B ESOP Convertible Class A Preferred Stock of the Company, payable on or after August 16, 2021 to Common Stock shareholders …

What is the pay date for PG dividend?

Dividends (NYSE – PG)

Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date
7/22/2021 7/23/2021 8/16/2021
4/22/2021 4/23/2021 5/17/2021
1/21/2021 1/22/2021 2/16/2021
10/22/2020 10/23/2020 11/16/2020

Which stock has the highest dividend?

Dividend Aristocrat Companies With the Highest Dividends

Company Dividend yield
AT&T (T) 6.93%
T Rowe Price (TROW) 6.15%
ExxonMobil (XOM) 5.80%
Chevron (CVX) 5.05%

How much dividend does Johnson and Johnson pay per share?

JNJ pays a dividend of $4.14 per share. JNJ’s annual dividend yield is 2.6%.

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What is Coca Cola’s dividend yield?

KO’s annual dividend yield is 3.08%. Coca Cola’s dividend is higher than the US Beverages – Non-Alcoholic industry average of 2.89%, and it is lower than the US market average of 4%.

Does Disney pay a dividend?

Disney paid annual dividends of $2.9 billion in 2019. Its balance sheet is bloated from hoarding cash and adding debt during the pandemic. Management reiterated its commitment to paying a dividend but hasn’t said when it will do so.

Does Clorox pay a dividend?

Clorox is one of many stocks with long and rich dividend histories. The company has paid annual dividends since 1970. And has increased the dividend rate each year since 1978. This record makes Clorox a Dividend Aristocrat.

Does Microsoft pay dividends?

Microsoft pays a quarterly dividend of $0.62 per share. Read the Dividend FAQ for more information.

What months does coke pay dividends?

The Company normally pays dividends four times a year, usually April 1, July 1, October 1 and December 15.