What is a 26 sided dice called?

What is a 24 sided dice called?

Rarer variations

Faces/ sides Shape Notes
24 Pseudo-deltoidal icositetrahedron Each face is a kite.
Pentagonal icositetrahedron Each face is an irregular pentagon.
Dodecagonal trapezohedron Each face is a kite.
30 Rhombic triacontahedron Each face is a rhombus.

What is a 25 sided die called?

There is no polygon with one side, because the definition of a polygon is “a 2-dimensional closed shape”. A polygon with 25 sides is called a icosikaipentagon. “Penta” represents the ones digit, meaning “five,” and “gon” is added to every polygon to distinguish it as a name for a shape.

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