What does it mean to bet the field?

What does $5 the field mean?

The cost of a Win / Place bet is $1 for one full unit, i.e. 100% of the relevant dividend. … If you place a $5 Win bet on a horse you will receive 500% of whatever betting product – i.e. Tote or Fixed Odds – selected for the wager.

What does I’ll take the field mean?

take the field in British English

to begin or carry on activity, esp in sport or military operations.

What does the field mean in gambling?

Favorite – The team bookmakers expect will win their game. Field – Often time in proposition (prop) bets, bettors are allowed to bet the field. This refers to an accumulation of all the teams or players that are not listed specifically.

Do you get money back if horse is scratched?

If a horse is scratched, all Win/Place/Show wagers placed via the racing interface will be refunded. (This does not apply to ‘Odds to Win’ bets placed via the sportsbook. … In case a horse is considered a Non Starter by the track, that horse will be considered a scratch and refunded accordingly.

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How does a quinella pay?

A Boxed Quinella allows punters to pick as many horses as possible for both first and second places. … A two-horse quinella costs $1 for a 100 per cent return of the quinella payout. A three-horse quinella for $1 will cost $3 — $1 for every runner.

What does it mean to field someone?

[transitive] field somebody/something to provide a candidate, speaker, team, etc. to represent you in an election, a competition, etc. Each of the main parties fielded more than 300 candidates.

What does against the field mean?

to bet on (a horse, etc.) against all comers. See also: Field.

What is out in the field?

It means out of the office at various locations that can change from one day to the next. Since technicians out in the field usually will be at the site of a customer or en route to and from various locations there is no way to pinpoint where they all are at a point in time.

How much does a $2 bet pay?

Reading the Win Odds

In the latter example, a bet of $2 means you would get $42 back for a winning wager. Payoffs use the actual odds and are rounded down to the nearest nickel or dime, depending on the rules at that track.

How does a Pick 3 bet work?

On a PICK 3 bet you select the winning horse in three consecutive races. This is usually offered on the first and last 3 races of the day, although some tracks may offer this bet on any three consecutive races.

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How do you bet the top 3 horses?

These horses must finish first, second, and third, in that exact order, for you to win the wager. If picking three horses in order sounds too difficult you can “box” your wager. A boxed trifecta wager will win if your horses finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, in any order, making it more likely to win.

What is a bubble gambling?

The point in a tournament at which there are only slightly more players remaining than there are finishing positions that receive a prize. … Example: In a 1,000-person tournament in which the top 100 players each receive a prize, the bubble would be the time when there are close to 100 players remaining.

What does back the field mean?

in horse racing, to bet against a particular horse or horses, that some one of all the other horses, collectively designated “the field”, will win. See under Back, v. t.

Where are the classics run?

The 2019 Classic season kicks off Saturday with the 2,000 Guineas over the turf of the Rowley Mile racecourse in Newmarket, Suffolk, traditionally known as the home of English Flat racing.