What are the lottery numbers in All About the Benjamins?

How much was the lottery ticket on All About the Benjamins?

A professional bounty hunter (Ice Cube) is in the search of a two-bit hustler (Mike Epps). When this hustler gets mixed-up accidentally with a botched diamond heist. Since this hustler lost his wallet to a racist psycho villain (Tommy Flanagan). The hustler actually has an winning lottery ticket of $60 Million Dollars.

What were the numbers in the movie lottery?

The winning numbers were: 10-24-27-35-53.

Do they find the lotto ticket in All About the Benjamins?

In Reggie’s apartment, Reggie and his girlfriend Gina (Eva Mendes) eventually win the lottery, only to find out that Reggie lost the ticket, which was in Reggie’s wallet. … Julian, in a psychopathic state, goes after Reggie.

How much was the diamonds worth on All About the Benjamins?

Reggie hides in the van of the fleeing killers and overhears them say they were duped, that the uncut diamonds worth $20 million that they took are fake. When Reggie is spotted by them, he flees but loses his wallet.

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Which are the lucky numbers?


The lucky numbers are suggested on the basis of one’s name, date of birth etc. Most common lucky numbers: 1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, 21, 25, 31, 33, 37, 43, 49, 51, 63, 67, 69, 73, 75, 79, 87, 93, 99, … Number 8 is lucky in Chinese culture because the Chinese word for “eight” sounds like the word for “wealth”.

Who won the lottery ticket in the short story lottery?

Prakash shares with his family that before Jhakkar Baba grants wishes, he tests them by throwing rocks at them. While most visitors run away, those that withstand the attack will have their wishes granted. When Prakash survived the stoning, he was assured that he would be the sole winner of the lottery.

Is the lottery ticket on Netflix?

Watch Lottery Ticket on Netflix Today! NetflixMovies.com.

What app is all about the Benjamins on?

How to Watch All About The Benjamins. Right now you can watch All About The Benjamins on BET+. You are able to stream All About The Benjamins by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

How much is Mike Epps?

Mike Epps Net Worth and Salary: Mike Epps is an American comedian, actor, producer, musician, and rap artist who has a net worth of $5 million.

Mike Epps Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
Profession: Actor, Writer, Singer, Rapper, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Comedian, Voice Actor

Did all about the Benjamins win a Grammy?

The song’s accompanying music video was directed by Spike Jonze. Overall, “It’s All About the Benjamins” reached No. 1 on both the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and Hot Rap Songs chart. In addition, No Way Out went seven times platinum and won a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

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Why is all about the Benjamins Rated R?

Movie details

MPAA explanation: strong violence, pervasive language and brief sexuality.