Question: Who is the owner of Blackjack Pizza?

What happened Blackjack Pizza?

The pizza chain is the largest in Colorado with 800 employees, some of whom work part-time. On January 1, 2013, Blackjack Pizza was acquired by Askar Brands.

How much does a Blackjack Pizza franchise cost?

How much does a Blackjack Pizza franchise cost? Blackjack Pizza has a franchise fee of up to $15,000, with a total initial investment range of $168,300 to $392,300.

How many carbs are in a blackjack cauliflower pizza?

Only 3 carbs a slice for the crust.

Is Blackjack Pizza a franchise?

In 1988, Blackjack officially became a franchisor using the concept of an owner/operator franchisee at each store location. Several corporate stores were sold to franchisees, and other franchisees were added to the system through conversions of independent operators who saw the value in being part of Blackjack Pizza.

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