Question: How do I look up old lottery numbers?

How do you check old lottery numbers?

To check your unexpired tickets, you can try NSW lotteries website, which has a function for looking up old numbers. You can also try the ‘Check my ticket’ function on the Tatts website. It will really depend on which lottery you entered, and who runs the competition.

What are the old Powerball numbers?

Powerball Past Results

Winning Numbers Jackpot
Sat, August, 28, 2021 12 22 26 46 59 26 2x Double Play 6 13 41 47 48 10 $325.6 Million
Wed, August, 25, 2021 27 39 54 56 59 24 3x Double Play 19 31 41 51 53 25 $304.6 Million
Mon, August, 23, 2021 17 36 47 60 61 15 3x Double Play 3 28 34 39 63 25 $293.3 Million

Can lottery numbers repeat?

Identical winning numbers crop up in hundreds of U.S. lotteries. … “While such repeats are rare and uncommon, there is no reason to suspect these numbers were not drawn reasonably,” said Patricia Mayers, a spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Lottery, which had several duplicate draws over more than a decade.

How far back can you check lotto numbers?

Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

National Lottery players have 180 days to claim prizes on winning tickets, after which the prize money is donated to the Good Causes fund. Officials release the location in which an unclaimed winning ticket was bought two weeks after the draw in order to help track down the winner.

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How can I check old lottery tickets?

You can check your tickets at any licenced lottery outlet, online at or via The Lott app.” Ms Cooney said the list of unclaimed prizes was a great reminder for players grabbing an entry into this weekend’s Saturday Lotto $20 Million Superdraw to register their entry to a player card or online account.

Who has won the biggest lottery ever?

In 2018, a person who chose to remain anonymous won $1.537 billion in South Carolina. That prize remains the world’s largest lottery prize ever awarded on a single ticket, according to Mega Millions.

Should I pick my own lottery numbers?

Should I Pick My Own Lottery Numbers? It doesn’t really matter how you pick your numbers, the odds are the same. Whether you’re continuing to use your children’s birthdays and ages as your lucky numbers – or you just let the machine “quick pick” for you – you have the same probability of winning.