Question: How do I contact the Massachusetts lottery?

How do I cash a $1000 lottery ticket in Massachusetts?

Prizes up to and including $600 may be claimed at any Lottery Agent location, Lottery office or by mail. Prizes between $601 – $5,000 may be claimed via mobile cashing on the Mass Lottery app. Prizes up to and including $50,000 may be claimed by mail.

Is the mass lottery open?

Monday through Friday 8:45am – 4:30pm (excluding holidays)

Do you have to reveal your name if you win the lottery in Massachusetts?

. Massachusetts allows lottery winners to claim their winnings in the name of a trust. Because the trustee of a trust is the legal titleholder to property in the trust, for the benefit of the true winner, lottery winners can hire a trustee to claim the prize for them, thus keeping their identity a secret.

What time does the lottery close in Braintree?

Regular business hours for all Lottery offices (Dorchester, Braintree, New Bedford, Springfield, Woburn and Worcester) are Monday through Friday, 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays).

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Where can I cash in a winning lottery ticket?

Winning lottery tickets may only be redeemed in the state where the ticket was purchased. Prizes up to a certain amount may be redeemed at any store or location that sells lottery tickets. However, prizes over a certain amount must be redeemed with the state lottery office.

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Lottery does not have any special exceptions to the general tax rules. The website states that any prize more than $600 will generate a withholding statement and for winners greater than $5,000, the Massachusetts State Lottery will withhold 25 percent of your winnings and send it directly to the IRS.

Do Ma scratch tickets expire?

In Massachusetts, lottery tickets expire after a year — no exceptions. … On scratch ticket wins, the Lottery can determine where a winning ticket was sold once the ticket holder claims the prize.

How long are mass lottery tickets good for?

The expiration date for these tickets is now June 30, 2020. For example, a winning ticket from an April 15, 2019 drawing will not expire until June 30, 2020 (draw and monitor game prizes usually expire one year from the date of the drawing).

Can I buy lottery tickets online in Massachusetts?

For the time being, Massachusetts doesn’t have any online lotto options. However, gamers may want to enter lotteries from other legal states like Illinois and Kentucky.

Where do you go if you win the lottery in Massachusetts?

Prizes over $600 and up to $100,000 must be claimed at a Lottery office location. You must claim any prize over $100,000 at our Lottery Headquarters in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Claimants of lifetime prizes must also provide certified copy of birth certificate unless selecting a cash option (if available).

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How much taxes are taken out of lottery winnings in Massachusetts?

Out of the 43 states that participate in multistate lotteries, only Arizona and Maryland tax the winnings of people who live out of state. Here are the 10 states with the highest taxes on lottery winnings: New York (8.82%)

Taxes On Lottery Winnings By State 2021.

State Taxes on Lottery Winnings
Louisiana 5.00%
Maine 5.00%
Massachusetts 5.00%
Nebraska 5.00%

Is the lottery open in Worcester?

Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) 8:45am – 4:30pm.

Who won the lottery in Massachusetts?

After winning $1 million playing the Massachusetts State Lottery’s “Diamond Millions” instant ticket game, Frederick Larossa of Plymouth is hoping to buy a new car and house. Larossa received the ticket as a gift and got the grand prize. The grand prize is a $1,000,000 cash prize before taxes.