How do you use the reinforced armor casino heist?

Can you use ballistic armor in heists?

But you can’t. It can’t be used in any activity aside from basic free roam.

Does hacker matter of aggressive approach?

No matter what approach,always go with the best hacker. Having the best hacker allows you to grab more money on the aggressive approach.

Can you get the armored Paragon twice?

Yes. Getting the armoured Paragon R is tied to an Award in game (Pause menu > Stats > Awards) and not a limited-time promotion.

Is the paragon R Armored good?

The Armored Paragon R is a slightly unorthodox pick when it comes to Armored Vehicles in GTA 5. It features an incredible top speed due to its lightweight body. It has great handling as well as acceleration although it suffers from a bit of understeer.

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