How can I get double chance Betika jackpot?

Can you bet double chance in Jackpot?

Players can place a Jackpot Bet with two options on a single game, known as Double Chance bets. Calculation of the number of a Double Chance combination bet is equal to 2n (where n is the number of Double Chance combinations).

Is there double chance in Betika midweek?

Bets have the option of Double Chance on at most 3 out of the 15 matches. Players have no limit to the number of jackpot bets they may place with a fixed bet amount of Kshs. 15. each.

How can I bet Bettika jackpot via SMS?

These games will be available on and can also be accessed on SMS by sending JP to 29090. To place a bet on SMS, send JP#pick1pick2pick3…. pick12 to 29090. E.g. JP#112X1XX22112 to 29090.

Is there bonus in Euro jackpot?

The jackpot is won when a player’s ticket matches all five main numbers and the two bonus numbers.

Does Odibet have jackpot?

The betting firm boasts of a sign-up bonus for new customers that register. … Bonuses come in different forms be it free bets, cashback, or jackpot winnings. Kenya’s leading betting firm Odibets has gained plaudits from punters in the country for their lucrative bonuses.

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Does Betika have bonus?

Betika bonus scheme is currently available for the following users: Bonus Bet Rule: Minimum Total Odds is 4.99 on both single and multi bets. The maximum possible win for a bet placed using a bonus is Kshs 20,000. … Top up your Betika Account with Kshs500 and above and get Kshs50 bonus.

What is double chance and total?

Double Chance betting is essentially used for giving you a bigger chance of winning from a single event. In football, it can be used to cover two of the possible three outcomes in just one bet. It combines the win/draw for both sides or gets rid of the option for the draw altogether.

What is the meaning of 12 in bet?

12 Meaning

Naturally, a win in football refers to the team that scored the most goals at the end of a match. In betting, however, it can also describe winning the first or the second Half.

How can I bet on Bettika jackpot?

You can place your Jackpot bets in three ways:

  1. Through our online platform by clicking here.
  2. Through SMS using the format: GJP#PICK1PICK2PICK3PICK4………PICK17 e.g. GJP#1XX2211X21X22X122 send to 29090.
  3. Through Betika App. To download, click here.

Can you cash out in Betika?

The Cash Out feature allows you to take an early payout on your bets before they are settled, meaning one is able to get money back before the event is over and your bet is ultimately resulted.

Is Betika still working?

Betika is one of the sports betting sites allowed to operate in Kenya after the immense suspension of other gambling companies. With Betika you can be sure to place your bets on some of the significant soccer jackpots and football leagues.

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