Do you need a dice tray?

What is the point of a dice tray?

Tray prevents dice from bouncing across table and moving game pieces, as well as keeping all rolled dice close together for easier viewing of results.

What are dice trays made of?

Dice trays with large open rolling surfaces are perfect. Better yet, soften the blow of all those D6’s crashing into one another. The different options for a rolling surface include leather, neoprene, EVA foam, and fabrics, like velvet or felt. You can more about each of these different types of materials below.

Are Wyrmwood dice worth it?

It’s crafted by a company that creates high-end gaming accessories, and this shows in my experience with the tabletop dice tray. … Wyrmwood dice trays are worth it for the experiential component of using one. But, there may be cheaper options on the market that can do what a fancy Wyrmwood dice tray does at a lower cost.

What can I use as a dice tray?

You can use all sorts of materials; felt, leather and suede all make great options. I’ve using craft foam from a dollar store for this dice tray. Just measure out the bottom of your tray (you can even trace it and cut slightly smaller than the tracing) and cut the lining out to fit.

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